When it comes to shape and volume, more is most definitely more. Experimentation in cut, size and silhouette has been growing in scope and popularity for the last few years – and it’s not budging. Oversized menswear is prevalent in most collections, from both designer and high street retailers. We’re here to tell you how to style the trend to achieve a structured, not slouchy, look.


Most brands now offer a longline or oversized collection, including Night Addict. We call it our ‘Global Fit’, and it features drop shoulders to add a more structured look to our longline offerings. However, the majority of classic pieces like Tshirts and shirts will work as an oversized item if you buy one or two sizes above what you would usually wear.


By layering oversized pieces you will add a conceptual look to your attire. Teaming a longline Tshirt with an oversized shirt and/or jacket will create real depth in an outfit. If you’re feeling daring you can mix colours and patterns to create a contrasted look, but keeping to one colour palette and experimenting with textures creates a great layered look for beginners.


Finding the right proportion is the only way to make the oversized look work, ensuring your frame isn’t drowned by everything in the outfit being too big. The best way to wear the trend is to team longline tops with tailored, slim leg bottoms to balance your frame.


If you want to buy into bigger proportions but you’re unsure if you will suit the look, opt for more sober colours. A dark palette can be the best place to start with this trend, oversized black Tshirts and sweaters are a much less daunting starting point than some of the bold colours we have been seeing on the catwalk.



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