Every man should have an understanding of the balance between the comfort of his travel and the style of his arrival. We’re here with our top tips for traveling in style and comfort.


Don’t go overboard with your travel outfit – keep it minimal effort with maximum impact. Layered outfits are a man’s best friend, especially when traveling by plane. You can add or take off layers depending on how chilly the airport gets, and how hot the destination is.


Picking one colour makes outfit building way more simple. Black, blue and grey are easy to wear, and versatile enough to work across various locations and climates. Layering similar shades of the same colour gives that stylish lived in look that will take you straight from the airport to the bar.


A slip on, comfortable shoe is essential, you’ll probably be wearing them for hours and walking in them around the airport a fair bit. Remember that your feet will swell if you’re on a long haul flight, so having footwear that is breathable is really important. A loafer is always a popular choice for seasoned travelers, you can wear them with or without socks and they’ll look just as great teamed with a suit as they do with a pair of jeans.

Of course, a trainer or pump is the go-to option for the more casual look. Make sure whatever footwear you opt for is easy to slip on and off – no one wants to be the guy that holds up security struggling to get his kicks back on.


For both the occasional and the seasoned traveler, stylish carry on luggage is a great investment and when packed correctly can end the need for bulky suitcases. And you know what that means? No waiting at the luggage carousel – head on straight to the bar.

Leather is usually the best option as it will last a lifetime when cared for properly, but canvas shouldn’t be dismissed if you’re not packing the most valuable things for your trip.


Packing a wide selection of garments isn’t entirely necessary. With the right selection of clothes and the ability to mix-and-match, jut a few key pieces will go a very long way.


Try to chose wrinkle free fabrics, such as knit and spandex blends. Knit fabrics wear well and can be rolled up in your luggage. Spandex blends are also wrinkle-free and keep their shape longer than 100% cotton. Avoid linen at all costs – it will show wrinkles very quickly, and who’s got time for ironing when traveling?


Wear contacts? Stick with your regular glasses when flying. Contacts have a habit of drying out and irritating your eyes, especially when teamed with the air conditioning on planes. As for sunglasses – keep them in the case at the airport. No one wants to be the dude walking round inside with his shades on. No one. Except if you’re Ryan Gosling, maybe.


Accessories can be a really handy part of a capsule wardrobe for your travels – simply adding a scarf or jewellery can make an outfit look completely different. But consider what accessories you are going to wear on flying day – jewellery and belts can be a nightmare when passing through security.



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