With so much choice out there it can be overwhelming when trying to find the perfect style and shape of sunglasses. We’ve compiled a list of the top sunglasses trends and classic styles to help you in your quest to find the perfect shades.


Want a pair of sunglasses that you can wear with everything that’ll never go out of style? Look no further than Wayfarers. Designed by Ray-Ban in 1956, Wayfarers have become a universal eyewear staple. Donned by rockstars and celebrities since their inception, the style has shown no signs of slowing down, their rock’n’roll charm is the gift that keeps on giving.


Originally designed in the 30s, there couldn’t be a list of sunglasses styles that didn’t include this iconic design. Characterised by a double or triple bridge, this style was popularised by celebrities and films like Top Gun. The design has a place in history though, having been originally designed to shield US aviators from the suns strong rays up in the air. Usually found in classic metal materials, many designers are now opting for plastic framed aviators for a more modern style and choice of colours.


Effortlessly balance retro with hipster-cool in Clubmaster frames, characterised by statement making browline rims to contrast with the slim wire bottom rims. Both bold and instantly recognisable, subtle and classy – the Clubmaster style was originally designed solely as regular eyeglasses in the late 40s, but sprung into popularity when Bruce Willis wore a pair wih tinted lenses on the show ‘Moonlighting’ in the mid 80s. Lending themselves to both business attire and casual wear, these are the perfect sunglasses for the man that’s both well-read and cooler-than-cool.


Serving as both a statement accessory and a call to the environmentally friendly – wood or bamboo frames are one of the top eyewear trends of the moment. With a huge range of different shapes and grains, it’s a great way of following a trend in a totally unique and authentic way.


The block colour trend doesn’t just lend itself to clothing – eyewear is a great way to utilise the trend without going overboard. An unexpected pop of colour can add an element of fun to any outfit, and with a plethora of different colours and styles available you’ll be spoilt for choice. Choose your favourite colour to really add your personality to any outfit.


Take inspo from the steampunk trend and go for pure round framed sunglasses for a bold style this season. You can really experiment with many stand out lens colours in this shape, with brands offering everything from muted caramels and soft roses, to retro looks with neon blues and greens. A vintage look with as much eccentricity as you desire – go round or go home this season.



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