Karly-Marina Loaiza, better know by her stage name Kali Uchis, is a Columbian-American singer, record producer and songwriter. Very much in control of of the creative direction of all of her projects the future is looking bright, and with fans and friends including Tyler the Creator and Snoop Dogg – her hard work is clearly paying off. Her single ‘After the Storm’ features Tyler the Creator and Bootsy Collins and was released earlier this year, and the announcement of her imminent album release was made on The Tonight Show Last Week. ‘Isolation’ is out on April 6th, and we can’t wait to hear it.


One of the most in demand acts for this festival season, Shame are a bunch of South London school friends bringing punk back onto the music map. Dubbed as one of the best new live bands in the UK, their sweat ridden shows are not ones to miss, and are destined to bring a little bit of angst and attitude to your 2018. Their debut album ‘Songs Of Praise’ is brimming with post-punk hymns of disgust, just what we needed to get us through Monday.


This British-Ghanian artist focuses his lyrics on issues of race, class and self-identity, addressing them with depth and consideration. Fiercely independent, this gravel-voiced spoken word poet isn’t afraid to shake things up with his strong political beliefs. His music sits somewhere between grime, hip hop and alternative rap, but in our opinion he’s the artist bring spoken word back to the forefront, and it’s just what we’ve been waiting for.


Setting his own tone in the UK grime scene, Hardy Caprio has gained features from the likes of MTV, Music Week and the BBC, proving he is well worth of flying the flag for Croyden alongside Stormzy and Loyle Carner to name a few of the artists that this South London borough has produced. Hardy’s latest offering ‘Rapper’ is an addictive new track which calls in on the shallowness of today’s generation, and we can’t stop listening to it.


Superorganism is an eight-person collective from London who have already received praise form the likes of Frank Ocean, Josh Homme and Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig. Described as ‘art pop’, the collective use irresistible synth harmonies, video ghame sound effects, and a healthy dose of childhood glee. The end result is a sharp, clever contemporary pop which you can’t help but grin to.



GEORGE FITZGERALD 2018 has seen electronic musician and DJ George Fitzgerald release his latest record, ‘All That Must Be’. Firmly establishing his dominance in the electronic music scene, the album documents Fitzgerald moving back to London to begin life with his newly born daughter after serving the Berlin club scene for the last decade. But […]

Photo credit: Brunel Johnson Without fail, everything you release is true to that original Youngs Teflon sound. How important is authenticity to you? “It’s the only thing that separates me from anyone else and gives my fans another option to the rest so I’d say very important.” This dedication to your sound has given you […]

You’ve just released your EP ‘S.O.S.’. You said that the aim of the project was to bring the original sounds of Grime back. Tell us what keeping authentic really means to you. ” Keeping authentic to me means to preserve something of great importance in its original and unaltered state. In this case the sound […]

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