Photo credit: Brunel Johnson

Without fail, everything you release is true to that original Youngs Teflon sound. How important is authenticity to you?

“It’s the only thing that separates me from anyone else and gives my fans another option to the rest so I’d say very important.”

This dedication to your sound has given you an extremely loyal fan base. How does it feel that there are fans that have been there from the start, and are still loving and supporting every bit of material?

“The hardcore fan base I have just makes it easier to continue creating new music after the years which isn’t always that simple.”

You have been described as being one of the most superior lyricists in the game, where does your inspiration come from?

“90s east coast music was a big part of my childhood so it’s always been displayed in my rap style.”

You talk a lot about your own life, experiences and surroundings, how important is honesty when writing your lyrics?

“Not sure about other genres but rap music to me is all about your authenticity and your way of telling your story.”

 Photo credit: Brunel Johnson

Photo credit: Brunel Johnson

Your music videos tend to tell a story almost as much as your lyrics, how important is it to release the right visuals for each track?

“Extremely important. There was a lot of videos I never shot because I wasn’t able to capture the lyrics in the visuals. Recently I have been working more on my videos and how to make songs come alive visually.”

Your sound has been compared to Chicago’s drill sound and the UK’s beloved grime, but where do you see yourself sitting?

“I originally was a grime MC and some drill beats have similar tempos. I’m also known for being able to rap over classic rap instrumentals so I’d just say I’m versatile. I don’t like to restrict myself musically.”

Your work is heavily collaborative, having worked with some of the biggest names in the rap industry. How would you describe the importance of collaborating and working together to create music?

“It helps when trying to create new styles and sounds as two heads can come up with more ideas than one more times. It’s also fun to work with artists that you mutually respect.”

Your new release ‘Vibe’ has a certain R&B influence behind the production. Is this the kind of sound we can keep expecting from future tracks?

“I had been listening to a lot of songs from Bad Boy Records and really took in how they incorporated R&B into a lot of their rap classics. I feel like we don’t get as much R&B these days so it was nice to bring that together on Vibe. I will definitely be making more hip hop/R&B tracks in the future.

“Underrated” seems to be a word used to describe you as an artist a lot by the media and fans alike. How do you feel about this description?

“Yeah. I don’t like the word.”

With a steady release of singles over the past year, I get the feeling that there is a big project on the horizon. What does the future hold, and what can we expect from you?

“Very big project. Constant content and professional consistency.”



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