You’ve just released your EP ‘S.O.S.’. You said that the aim of the project was to bring the original sounds of Grime back. Tell us what keeping authentic really means to you.

” Keeping authentic to me means to preserve something of great importance in its original and unaltered state. In this case the sound of original grime music that many people like myself have come to love and listen to over the years.”

You premiered the lead single on BBC1 Xtra, how has it been received?

“S.O.S the single has been received really well, I’ve had a lot of comments on the video as well. Overall really good.”

You collaborated with some huge names for this EP, can you tell us about your writing and recording process?

“I had the instrumentals first and just kind of wrote for each of them as time went on little ideas I’d write down here and there. Eventually joining all the lyrics together and boom finished. “

How would you describe the London / UK Grime scene now?

“London is one of the best cities in the world for music now. I think the grime scene is doing very well right now but also has both its good points and bad points.”

You’ve got your own show on Reprezent Radio, what beats have you been spinning on there?

“I’ve been spinning a lot of grime tracks, but also mixing it up with some current songs I listened to and that people are enjoying right now.”

Any new music recommendations for us?

“Go and check out Devlin & Syer B’s new joint EP called ‘Something In The Water’ – very sick project.”

You’ve been making major waves on the scene since the age of just 16 – how long have you been writing?

“I don’t know about major waves, but I’ve definitely been making some good moves. I’ve literally been writing from the beginning of 2016 till now so I’d say properly for 2 years.”

Where does your lyrical inspiration come from?

“I’d say my environment around me as well as a few musicians that I look up to like Devlin, Bugzy Malone, Ghetts & Griminal.”

You describe modern Grime as being more like pop music, and suggest that a lot of artists and producers are just using the word to get more hits. How would you describe real Grime?

“Real grime is hard to put into words. To sum it up I would say it’s a sound of the streets and hardship of life, it’s about not being scared or caring about what others think and just spraying 8’s and 16’s for the fun of it, not with the main intention of business or commercial gain. That conclusion doesn’t really do the sound justice because its so much more than that. Real grime music is more of a sound and a feeling than a verbal explanation. Go and listen to an early grime song from 2004/2005 and listen to a grime record now by whoever you like. You will see how different they sound believe me.”

Tell us what the future holds for you, what can we expect?

“You can expect a lot more music in not a lot of time, I’ve got some exciting features and collabs in the works. Look out for me the rest of this year, you’ll see me at some big shows and festivals.”

We can’t wait Yizzy, thank you.

You can listen to Yizzy’s EP ‘S.O.S.’ here: https://yizzy.lnk.to/SOS



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