Sultry yet fragile vocals combined with bassy R&B make for a very exciting one to watch in moody Toronto based songstress Noita. Her experimental production techniques are already making waves, with her first EP ‘Pink Noise’ receiving a plethora of praise from the blogisphere. She’ll be infusing the music scene with her ethereal brand of dark, intense R&B this year, so keep your ears pinned back for more.


24 year old Yaeji grew up flitting between New York and Seoul, and her dynamic music perfectly showcases the mix of cultures. Intertwining between Korean and English in her lyrics gives her hip-hop, underground style music that extra layer of brilliance. Watch this space, she’s set for great things. Especially if she carries on serving food to her fans before her shows, we’re all for that.


This fearless Chicago based rapper has been no stranger to virality, with her first music video ‘GOld Digger’ shooting round the internet in 2012. Since then she has become well known for her overtly raunchy lyrics, and has amassed over 300k subscribers on her YouTube channel. Both provocative and genious, we think this may just be the tip of the iceberg for 20-year-old CupcakKe.


At just 18-years-old, Cole Basta (AKA Col3trane) is a London-based newcomer who’s towing the line between rapper and soul singer. Having only been making muic for two years, his tone, sentiment and forward-thinking take on the genres he grew up with have seen him rack up millions of streams on Spotify already. This kid’s going far, and we can;t wait to see what he’s got planned next.


28-year-old rapper Valee hails from Chicago and is set to become one of the best rappers in America. Word. A fan of Yorkies (yes, the dog) and designer footwear, he has just been signed to the Kanye West-founded label G.O.O.D. Music, as well as its parent label Def Jam Recordings. Unsurprising, as his freewheeling vocal style and snapping trap beats are as fresh as the kicks he’s probably wearing.



GEORGE FITZGERALD 2018 has seen electronic musician and DJ George Fitzgerald release his latest record, ‘All That Must Be’. Firmly establishing his dominance in the electronic music scene, the album documents Fitzgerald moving back to London to begin life with his newly born daughter after serving the Berlin club scene for the last decade. But […]

Photo credit: Brunel Johnson Without fail, everything you release is true to that original Youngs Teflon sound. How important is authenticity to you? “It’s the only thing that separates me from anyone else and gives my fans another option to the rest so I’d say very important.” This dedication to your sound has given you […]

You’ve just released your EP ‘S.O.S.’. You said that the aim of the project was to bring the original sounds of Grime back. Tell us what keeping authentic really means to you. ” Keeping authentic to me means to preserve something of great importance in its original and unaltered state. In this case the sound […]

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